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OSB's remarkable properties derive from the unique way it is manufactured. Strands of timber are resin-coated, then laid in layers, with the grain in each layer being oriented differently to maximise strength and stability. The material is then cured under conditions of extreme heat and pressure, creating a dense, very strong, dimensionally stable, durable, engineered panel 



High mechanical strength - comparable with that of equivalent grades of plywood and other structural panel products.

High rigidity

Resistance to distortion, splitting and de-lamination

Excellent strength-to-weight ratio

Impressive durability - Dimensionally stable. Retains as-new performance levels throughout its long life when used in specified service conditions.

Precise, predictable performance - Load bearing grades conform with exactly defined design and loading specifications in dry or humid atmospheres.

Easy to work - Readily sawn, drilled, planed, routed and sanded. May be nailed, stapled or screwed close to the edge without splitting. Simple to glue, paint and stain.


Flaw-free - No knotholes, core voids or points of weakness.

Comprehensive choice - supplied in a variety of grades, a wide range of surface sizes, ready sanded or unsanded, plain-edged or tongued-and-grooved.

Low ecological impact - No mature trees are sacrificed in the manufacture of OSB. Only small-diameter timber from ecologically sustainable forests is used.

The product itself is fully recyclable.